Hız Kesici


Yellow transverse bars use a specially formulated non-reflective thermoplastic road marking material incorporating high PSV aggregates to create a durable product with sustained high levels of skid resistance. The use of yellow transverse bars is designed to provide a visual, sensory warning to drivers on high speed approaches to roundabouts and high accident frequency locations. These markings when used in the correct layout have been proven to be very effective in reducing accidents associated with excessive speeding.

In order to give good drainage characteristics, a drainage channel should be incorporated between the end of each transverse yellow bar and the centreline/edgeline of the road. Lines are tack free within 5 minutes at an ambient air temperature of 15 °C.

Transverse yellow bars may be applied over existing markings provided that they are in a good condition and are well bonded to the road surface. Drop on glass beads should not be applied as this can detract from the skid resistance of the material.

Recommended thickness of 3 – 5 mm.

Generally used on approaches to roundabouts and as part of low cost accident schemes.

Durable and long lasting
Visual and Sensory warning to drivers
Sustainable high skid resistance
Effective material for use as part of Low Cost Accident schemes.
Compliance with IS EN 1436 & IS EN 1871