Extrude Yol Çizgi Uyg.

A specialist thermoplastic road marking material, which can be laid as a profiled edge line marking to enhance wet night visibility and which, when overrun, will provide a sensory and auditory impulse to the motorist.

The thermoplastic is applied by a screed technique, through a special shoe, which has a controlled shutter to create the distinctive rib pattern of the marking.

In order to give good drainage characteristics, a drainage channel should be incorporated into the line at predetermined intervals.

It is mandatory that the base line and ribs shall be formed in one continuous integral process. The base line shall be screed applied at not less than 2mm and no more than 3mm thickness and the ribs not less than 8mm and not more than 11mm in thickness above the base line.

A microprocessor controlled mechanical shutter shall be used to form the solid ribs at spacing’s dictated by the contract but generally at 500mm centres for Motorway Edge Line Markings.

Immediately following application of the line, a surface application of solid glass beads to IS EN 1423 or equivalent shall be applied at a typical rate of 450 g/m2 by an applicator gun attached to the screed machine.

Lines are tack free within 10 minutes at an ambient air temperature of 15 °C.

This process employs a mechanically propelled vehicle. Thermoplastic Raised Rib Line is formed by mechanically screeding a base line using a truck mounted extrusion machine and simultaneously applying transverse ribs of thermoplastic at regular intervals (the frequency and configuration can be varied). The marking is completed by a pressurised surface application of solid glass beads. For more details refer to our Raised Rib Line Method Statement & Risk Assessment.

Recommended product thickness –

Base Line 2.0 – 3.0 mm

Raised Ribs 8.0 – 11.0 mm

On motorways and dual carriageways (median edge line). As edge lines on rural roads where the grass verge is soft or non-existent.

Enhanced wet night visibility
Immediate retroreflectivity
Long lasting – durable thermoplastic and its vibratory nature will discourage frequent trafficking.
Base Lines and Ribs applied in one continuous operation.
Generally not driven on continuously thereby increasing the life of the line.
Low maintenance costs – single application of sprayed thermoplastic material immediately restores the Luminance & Retroreflective properties of the product.
Compliance with IS EN 1436 & IS EN 1871.